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Click here for a larger image Vesuvius, 2008
6 x 9 inches
92 pages, trade paperback
Translated by Kenneth Martin
Illustrated by Adare McAllister  
  $14.95 plus $3.00 shipping
This new edition of the two letters in which Pliny the Younger gives his eye-witness account of the most fabulous natural disaster ever fabled by mankind—the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in Italy and the destruction of “whole communities and cities,” including Pompeii features the original Latin facing an exceptionally faithful translation in contemporary English and enhanced by superbly evocative and witty drawings of the events as they are described. The reader of Vesuvius will come away from these pages with a lively sense of what really happened in those harrowing days and hours during the eruption of the famous volcano. The book includes an introduction and endnotes by the translator.

Click here for a larger image about...ART, 1999
Triangular: 2 7/8 inches
30 pages
Digital images by Kathy
Hand bound in imported book cloth
Edition of 100, signed and numbered
  $20 Sold Out
What role does art play in our lives and how do we work it in? The text for this clever and colorful book pairs the word "art" with prepositions to explore how we feel about . . . ART! Eye appealing!

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Art of Ancient People, 1997
3 by 3 inches
64 pages
Letterpress with 13 two-color linocuts
Hand bound in leather, stamped in 24k gold
Edition of 60, signed and numbered
  $45 Sold Out
Explores the mysteries of prehistoric rock art in this thought provoking essay by Gary. Printed on 70 lb. Mohawk Letterpress paper from handset Centaur and Arrighi type. Includes 13 two-color linocuts by Kathy. Bound in leather, stamped in gold by Gary.

Big Sur Detail
Big Sur Detail, 2001
By Gary Miller
2 3/8 inches by 2 1/8 inches
49 pages with 32 digital photographs and letterpress printed text
Marbled end papers by Al Rodríguez
Bound in Japanese book cloth by the author
Edition of 40, signed and numbered
Big Sur, on the California coast, is noted for its towering cliffs battered by forbidding Pacific waves, and giant redwoods filling hillside valleys; but more modest sights and sounds abound.

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Frame of Iron, 1998
2 7/8 by 3 inches
35 pages
Letterpress with 14 original drawings in each book, by Kathy
Handmade cast hemp paper hand bound in Italian book cloth by Gary
Edition of 35, signed and numbered
One woman's reflection on life at the approach of middle age, an illustrated poem by Kathy. Printed on 250 gsm Lana Cover Cream from handset Garamond Italic. Each book is illustrated with 14 original pen-and-ink drawings in four ink colors with hand rubbed Sekishu overlays. Bound in Italian book cloth and handmade cast hemp paper with hand rubbed Sekishu end papers.

mightier than . . .
mightier than . . . , 2000
By Kathy Miller and Diane Weintraub
2 3/4 by 3 inches
40 pages. 6 leaves printed by handset letterpress on imported Japanese Hosokawa Ohban, four of which are wrapped in hand-dyed silk. Hand-bound in Celadon imported Japanese book cloth with bronze mesh sash.
Geode tied to sash with claret mesh.
Edition of 33, signed and numbered
Life is fragile, and yet people survive against all odds. In this collaboration between Kathy and Diane every material used echoes the theme: Japanese rice paper that looks delicate but is almost impossible to tear, the lightest—but most durable—silk, and the geode on the cover that took form because of eons of pressure and opens to reveal unimaginable beauty. Which would you say is mightier . . . the sword or the human breath?

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National Fortune, 1998
A collaborative project by Diane and Kathy
8 5/8 by 10 1/4 inches
34 pages, 14 images by Diane and Kathy
Printed on Rives BFK paper with hand colored washes
Visual poetry on hand dyed Tableau.
End papers are rich green paste papers
Coptic binding also incorporating the same paste papers, sewn over velvet ribbon with cat's eye beads
Imported book cloth
Edition of 30, signed and numbered
  $200 Sold Out
National Fortune explores the migration of iconic images throughout Western civilization, and the increasing speed with which new icons are now created, as well as their veracity. Visual literacy is just as important—and powerful—as any element of a culture, but how did we and do we now create the alphabet of our visual experience? This richly and elaborately produced book is a romp through the Western visual canon.

Persona, 2000
By Kathy Miller 2 3/8 by 2 1/4 inches
32 pages, 15 digital image collages with archival inks, printed on Rives Heavyweight, by Kathy.
Gold stamped title on hand bound imported Japanese book cloth.
Edition of 30, signed and numbered
  $65 Sold Out
In a land where identities change every fifteen minutes (that would be Southern California in case you didn't guess) issues of identity and the quest for authentic self haunt this woman as she looks back to the 1950s. Do our present identity problems have roots in the 50s cult of the consumer? So it would seem! Have we been so packaged and produced that we can never know who we truly are or might have been? Issues of context and re-framing are in play!

The Reality Series

"These bookworks are small in size,
but beautifully designed.
What a glorious adventure in 'reading'."
—Judith Hoffberg, Umbrella magazine

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The Reality Series, 1997
A collaborative project by Kathy Miller and Diane Weintraub
Boxed Set
Box is 4 1/2 wide by 2 1/2 deep by 4 3/4 tall
Each of the books is 4 1/4 by 4 1/8 inches
6 books in a large vertical matchbox
  $120 Sold Out
Outer wrapper of handmade flax paper from the University of Iowa's Papermaking Facility, with decorative band of the highest quality French marbled paper, and sliding compartment with two semiprecious stone pulls. Looks like a present!
Includes Time on Her Hands, Acrylic on Her Nails; Mysterious Messages; You Reading Me; Good Passages from Bad Paintings & Good Passages from Bad Prints; High Contrast; and 10,000 Messages a Day.

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The Reality Series:
Time on Her Hands, Acrylic on Her Nails

4 1/4 by 4 1/8 inches
16 pages, 16 color illustrations
Open edition, signed
This book looks at reality and connoisseurship as it degrades to just another fashion statement. A catalog of acrylic nail designs taken from old and new master paintings is presented for the woman, or man for that matter, who has the time to have them copied on their hands. Which would you select? Thirteen glorious masters to choose from!

Click here for a larger image The Reality Series:
Mysterious Messages,
4 1/4 by 4 1/8 inches
24 pages in the main book, a 6 page book-in-a-book
Letterpress and color copier with hand applied spot color
This book is about the nature of reality and the speed with which our individual reality changes on a daily basis. It contains a pullout, a fold out, and a book-in-a-book. The text is found poetry from a variety of sources including the evening news and Dave Hickey's book Air Guitar. This book expresses our confusion and worry about the media's impact on personal reality--too many images, too little time to digest them--and why that's so funny.

Click here for a larger image The Reality Series:
You Reading Me,
4 1/4 by 4 1/8 inches
20 pages
This book is all letterpress and deals with reality on the printed page, which can be a tricky thing. A very ?bookish? and sparse 20 page volume inspired by an essay written by Buzz Spector.

Click here for a larger image The Reality Series:
Good Passages from Bad Paintings and
Good Passages from Bad Prints,
A two book set with ?belly band?
4 1/4 by 4 1/8 inches
Each book contains four 21/2 inch squares cut from either a print or painting
Signed and numbered
Each book contains "good" sections cut from either "bad" paintings or "bad" prints. Here's a situation where the part is definitely more than the whole. But what did the whole look like? No two sets are alike.

Click here for a larger image The Reality Series:
High Contrast,
4 1/4 by 4 1/8 inches
20 pages
Digital images and collages by Kathy
A book of limericks about a woman from L.A. who gets stuck in a high style hell of her own making. Collages of images from fashion magazine ads coupled with cartoons are set in "high contrast" to headlines from the L.A. newspapers, begging the question, whose reality is it anyway? You'll laugh ?til you cry.

Click here for a larger image The Reality Series:
10,000 Image Messages a Day,
4 1/4 by 4 1/8 inches
14 pages
10,000 Image Messages a Day works in that overpopulated reality arena between high and low art. With the statistics that the average American is exposed to 10,000 image messages every day, why do artists want to add to it? And then why do critics want to add even more to the confusion with their writing? Or do the artists and critics really illuminate the situation for us? The text for this book is key phrases taken from the exhibition catalog, Robert Rauschenberg: A Retrospective, accompanying collaged images taken from a wide variety of mass media sources.

Rhythm in Life
Rhythm in Life: Jazz, 2000
By Kathy Miller
3/4 by 3/4 by 3 inch piano roll box replica
Scroll combines hand set letterpress and lithograph with digital images and text by Kathy
Kitakata Japanese paper, with portions of an original piano roll scroll
Hand bound in Japanese book cloth, with brass handles
Miniature edition of 35, signed and numbered
  $135 Sold Out
We talk, move and breath in rhythm. In this elegant graphic scroll, Kathy explores music as an idealized language, where emotional speech becomes song. Word rhythms take you through this narrative journey. First book of a music series.

Click here for a larger image Time on Her Hands, Acrylic on Her Nails, 1998
Miniature Edition
2 1/2 by 2 1/8 inches
16 pages, 16 color illustrations
Same as in the Reality Series above, only . . . smaller!

Click here for a larger image
Trains, 1999
1 3/4 by 2 7/8 inches
14 pages
Letterpress with Polaroid transfer photo illustrations with archival inks, by Kathy
Narrative by Gary
Concertina with hard spine
Bound in cloth by Kathy
Special Edition of 60, signed and numbered
  $30 Sold out
Everybody loves railroads and trains! The sounds, the smells, and the trains themselves! Gary has written a reminiscence of childhood and a freight train. Wouldn't you like to go for a ride?

Click here for a larger image Write It Right , 2005
By Ambrose Bierce
2 3/8 x 2 7/8 inches
114 pages
Hand bound in quarter leather and paste papers by Gary Miller
Edition of 100, numbered
In Bierce’s opinion, “few words have more than one literal and serviceable meaning, however many metaphorical, derivative, relaxed, or even unrelated meanings lexicographers may think it worthwhile to gather. . .” In this humorous and thought-provoking little volume, first published in 1909, he compiled a glossary of the commonly misused words that irritated him the most.